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Thank you for visiting our site      Gary A. Mook     Founder & President   Genconnex TM Our Mission: To help homeowners get the safest, most reliable and cost effective emergency backup power possible to protect their families, homes, food supplies and neighbors during power outages ranging from mild to extreme and long-term.
                                             is a trademark of New England Gen-Connect LLC, a company based in Hingham Massachusetts formed to supply homeowners with cost- effective, rugged and reliable portable & stationary emergency power.  The GenConneX TM   concept was created by our team of executives with over 60 years of experience in the field of power protection and residential construction.   GenConneX TM  takes only the finest and most reliable generators on the market today and modifies them for use with low pressure propane and natural gas.  We then deploy these to our “Generator Ready” customers as the safest, most reliable and longest running-between-refilling emergency backup generators available for re-powering homes and small businesses during power outages.   Our systems are extremely light weight and easily carried, but able to power your critical heat, refrigerators, basement pumps and more.  We do this all through a simple watertight generator inlet placed on the outside of the home and connected inside to our cost-effective automatic transfer safety switches.  This not only makes it simple to “Connect, Run & Remove”, but also is done for safety and to comply with all federal, state and local codes for connecting generators to homes.  No more dangerous extension cords in the snow and rain, and no more carbon monoxide coming through open doors or windows for extension cords. For the majority of our customers, we supply the option of emergency deployment as needed, complete with power-up for anyone not able, not home, or not interested in connecting and starting their system during a storm.  We also offer near year-round deployment of our portable, ultra-quiet generators (during the fall, winter, and spring season) for those customers that wish to have the piece of mind of having their own generator on site but don’t want the expense of buying or maintenance headaches.  And finally, for those customers that want it all, we offer name-brand top-of-the-line entire-home permanent system that power your entire homes from natural gas or propane.  If any of these options sound like a great way to protect your home and family please give us a call.  It pays to plan ahead.
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