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Because of our buying power, we can afford to deploy the  most advanced units available with electronic regulated  120V stable outputs for sensitive electronics, furnace  controllers, TV’s and computers.  You also deserve to sleep  at night with the generator running, and our generators are  the quietest proven units available anywhere.  And to top it  all off, there is finally a hand-carryable solution that can keep  your heat and refrigerator on, your basement dry and your  microwave running thanks to our unique “SwitchConneXTM  Technology to effectively double the generator’s capability. 
- Ultra Quiet      So you can sleep - Once/Day Refueling     No midnight re-fueling in the dark - Compact     Hand carryable, less than 46lbs - Propane     No carburetor gum-up - Simple to Operate     Turn on the propane, pull the cord - Rugged + Dependable     The best Inverter generators available
Propane Yamaha EF2000iS Generator by GenConneX Additional Notes  GenConneXTM generators are specifically configured for use with the HomeConneXTM transfer switch system configured per the National Electric Code as a non-separately derived grounded systems.    Customers are responsible for any misuse or abuse, loss, damaged or theft.  No products or services offered herein are intended for, or shall be used in, any life support or critical medical application.    See other terms and conditions. 1-855-G-Deploy Call Today for a free appointment PROPANE - A single 20lb barbecue tank can run 20-24 hours.  Thatís nearly 4 times longer than gasoline based units, and you donít have to wait for the generator to cool before re-filling.   We supply a 6 foot propane hose so you can simply put the tank behind the generator to keep it warm and the ice off of it.  Thereís also no Ďchokeí to mess with.  Propane generators donít have a choke.  Just pull the cord, hot or cold, and youíre running!
Our deployable generators run exclusively from clean burning propane and not gasoline. This makes them safer and easier to store, operate and refuel.  They also won’t ‘gum’ up from bad gasoline making them much more reliable!
Not home for the winter? Not a problem!  If you’re not home, away for the entire winter, on vacation, or  just worried about loved-ones on their own, we can deploy,  operate, refuel and remove our generators when power fails - all  without you being there. Your home remains locked up and safe  the entire time.  All for a fraction of the cost of buying your own  permanently installed generator system. 
We provide a variety of deployment services with our state-of-the-art emergency home generators, including 24/7 on-site support, maintenance and non-seasonal storage.  We do this all at a fraction of the $6,000-$10,000 up-front cost and aggravation of installing a permanent system or maintaining your own gasoline portable generator.

Which GenconnexTM plan is right for me?

We-DeployTM 	                       Coming Soon We will bring our generator to your home within 2-4 hours, on average, connect, run, re-fuel, and remove it when your power returns. You donít have to do anything, or even be home!  You can call anytime of the year, or have your alarm company call.  We provide all maintenance and storage.  Plan billed once per year and per deployment. (propane usage billed extra).  Customers are billed each Oct. and after deployments.  U-DeployTM 			             Coming Soon You keep our generator on-site all season long and deploy as needed with full 24/7 on-site support. This saves you the upfront cost of having to buy and maintain your own generator plus the added benefit of on-site help with your generator if you ever have any problems.  Plan billed twice/year in Oct. and Jan., and is based on an initial 5-year term of service.  All maintenance and non-seasonal storage is included. (propane provided by customer)       Deployment Options (or visit our store and self-deploy!)  HONDA INVERTER GENERATORS ARE THE ONLY GENERATORS WE MODIFY AND DEPLOY We only use the best!

Why Propane?

We install a watertight power Inlet on the outside of your home (in a convenient location)  and connect it inside to our HomeConneX 120Vac transfer switch/sub-panel with  SwitchConneXTM technology.  This is to safely backup critical loads like heat, sump,  refrigerator etc and comfort Loads like TV, microwave and Internet without sending power  back through your neighborhood. 
All of our kits are installed by professional fully-licensed electricians resulting in a safe  connection point for our deployed-as-needed portable generators. The key is to have a  connection ready to go on the outside of your home before trouble strikes, while also  keeping your home sealed from carbon monoxide.  We also notify your utility company, as  required, that you have a generator. 
We install our water tight outdoor inlet 

     How do you plug a GenconnexTM 

generator into my home?

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We provide a variety of deployment services with our state-of-the-art  emergency home  generators, including 24/7 on-site support, maintenance and  non-seasonal storage.   We do this all at a fraction of the $6,000-$10,000 up-  front cost and aggravation of  installing a permanent system or maintaining your own gasoline portable generator

We have the solution with no-fault portable propane generators!

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