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For those that want a permanently installed home emergency power solution, we provide entire generator installations, with full 24/7 support in the the first year and beyond. We can back up virtually anything to everything in your home, from selected circuits to your entire- home, and we can do it with less generator by using “smart’ technology to automatically shed selected loads as needed.  We can also provide composite enclosures for seashore locations!

Norwell MA

Hingham MA

Norwell MA

Kohler Whole-Home Generator installation in Norwell, MA

Kohler Whole-Home Generators installation in:

Kohler Whole-Home Generator installation in Marshfield MA

Kohler Whole-Home Generator installation in Humarock MA

If you want the very best - We’ve got it.  We’ll power it all, or you select whatever will keep you comfortable.          

                                Stationary Home Generators

Pictured: “Best in Class” Kohler generator w/composite for seashore applications and web software

We are a registered Kohler Dealer and we service and support what we sell!

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Generator bolted to pad, with gas &

electric connections made before 

gas & electric inspections.

Trenching for gas and electric

utilities through sand

Raised bed for ready generator

Generator bolted to pad, installed

transfer switch inside home, added

gas & electric connections and

commissioned warranty.

Setting concrete pad on bed of

crushed stone

Trenching for gas and electric



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